Heaven – “That’s What I’m Talking About”

The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” occurs 154 times in 40 verses in the Bible and “Kingdom of God” occurs 359 times. This underscores that the “Heavenly Kingdom,” is a major topic in God’s word. So, what about this “Kingdom,” here’s a short list.

It is a place of:

1. Holiness Rev. 21:27
2. Beauty Ps. 50:2
3. Unity Eph. 1:10
4. Perfection 1st Cor. 13:10
5. Joy Ps. 16:11
6. For all Eternity John 3:15, Ps.23:6

There will be no more:

1. Tears Rev. 7:17 & 21:4
2. Sickness Rev. 22:2
3. Pain Rev. 21:4
4. Death Isa. 25:8, 1 Cor 15:26, Rev. 21:4
5. Thirst & hunger Rev. 7:16
6. Sin Rev. 21:27
7. Entropy (deterioration) Mat. 6:20
8. Pests Mat. 6:20

So, what’s not to like?

It is a place to live where all the bad stuff has been removed and taken elsewhere. Conversely, if you distill all of the good things out of this world and put them into one place, wouldn’t that be a great place to live? Our current dwelling place contains both good and evil. For some people, the good in our present life is as close to heaven as they will ever experience and for others it’s as close to hell as they will ever experience.

The notion that heaven’s citizens are merely sitting around on clouds playing harps is just childish. Being created in “God’s Image” means that we are multi-faceted beings who like to dream, learn, plan, build and experience all sorts of adventure, and sometimes, just hanging out with loved ones. There is just no way that heaven is going to be less of an existence than we have here on earth… in fact, it will be a place specifically made for us to enjoy and thrive. Can you imagine that everyone you run into in heaven is actually a member of your family. Oh, there will be singing too. The citizens of heaven will have songs of praise in their hearts, giving rightful credit to the One that did it all to qualify us for heaven, our eternal home. How to get to heaven? Easy, it’s free for the asking! Go ahead and ask your Creator to adopt you into his forever family by trusting that Jesus paid for your sins. The more you understand about God and what He has done, the more you will be motivated (in a loving way) to live in a manner that pleases Him. As an instant dividend, you will experience peace in your heart knowing that heaven is your eternal destiny and that you did it God’s way. For more on this subject visit: http://www.semperkeith.com/gospel/bible42.html

2 thoughts on “Heaven – “That’s What I’m Talking About”

  1. This is the Abundant Life: The Holy Spirit in us. It took His coming to us and dying for us to be able to receive The Spirit. No better gift on earth! And we can enjoy Him even now! Previews of coming attractions!!! HALLELUJAH

    1. You are so right. Without the Holy Spirit, we would be blind to what is going on around us and clueless. With His Spirit, we see things through a different lens and what a view and what a hope!

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