Heaven – “That’s What I’m Talking About”

The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” occurs 154 times in 40 verses in the Bible and “Kingdom of God” occurs 359 times. This underscores that the “Heavenly Kingdom,” is a major topic in God’s word. So, what about this “Kingdom,” here’s a short list. It is a place of: 1. Holiness Rev. 21:27 2. Beauty Ps. […]

Your Eternal Disposition – DIY or “Leaving it to the Professionals” Part II – Leaving it to the Professionals.

In the last post, we looked at a method of reckoning our eternal destinies by completely making up our own belief, in other words, winging-it. In this installment, I advocate not leaving your eternal destiny to the “professionals,” because only you really have (or at least should have) your best interests in mind. And let’s […]