Peace During the Storms

What’s with all the storms these days? COVID, vaccine death cover-ups, the Russia and Ukraine war, North Korea, China and Taiwan, Iran and Israel, rapid inflation, schools indoctrinating but not teaching fundamental skills (no more testing for math or English competency), de-fund the police, no cash bail, gender confusion, DA’s soft on crime, no cash […]

Our “Titanic” World is sinking, Abandon Ship!

In my last blog post, Are these the Last Days? I used a metaphor about the RMS Titanic tragedy and when we left the story the great ship was listing and the deck chairs were starting to slide. To those on that terrible cruise there were only two options, find and board a lifeboat or […]

Are These the “Last Days?” – A Biblical Checklist

The great ship Titanic was said to be an unsinkable ship the very definition of safety, but, in the first minutes after the great ship struck the iceberg, the passengers had quite different and contrasting reactions. The collision occurred 20 minutes to midnight and some whose sleep was interrupted by the jolt and then the […]

God – A Loving Father or Just a Heavy Handed “Party-Pooper”

Similar to the attitude of (know it all but haven’t done anything) adolescents toward their (know nothing) parents, many, if not most adults would describe The God of the Bible as a stern, heavy-handed party-pooping deity. It is as though they never grew out of their adolescent rebellion but merely transferred their rebellious and stinky […]

Is it Reasonable to Believe that Our Creator has Communicated with Us?

In my blog article “Created in the Image of God – Risky Business,” I wrote about the attributes that God has given us so we would be able to effectively fellowship and relate to Him. If the Creator has indeed created a “just right” habitat for us and has also created us with the aforementioned […]

Is is Reasonable to Believe: That Our Habitat was Created?

When you (a thinking rational human) look around at the world we live in, how much order to you see? Let’s consider a few things that seem orderly in the so-called natural world. The sun is a nuclear furnace that warms us and provides fuel for plant photosynthesis that makes the necessary oxygen and food […]