The Abyss

A Letter from the Abyss

I don’t know if this letter will ever make it out, but if you are reading this, it is a miracle. After dying, my trial seemed quick but at the same time through. Feeling the weight of my guilt, I was quite a sight as I laid prostrate on the floor. My neck craning upward so my eyes could behold the startling Majesty of my Creator who was now my Judge. The charge against me was rebellion against my Creator. I had pleaded that I was basically a good person but that claim quickly vanished like smoke as I was vividly shown episodes of me stealing small items, lying, and using God’s name as a curse-word at one time or another in my life just to name a few. While in the presence of my completely righteous Creator, I completely understood that my heart was hopelessly contaminated with evil.

I was going to plead that I had done a lot of good things in my life but then I realized that even in court on earth, bad deeds are not exonerated by doing good deeds. A murderer cannot atone for his crime by doing good things; he has to pay the penalty. My mind grasped for another angle, “I wasn’t told about salvation,” I thought. But before I could utter the words He knew my thoughts and I was shown many scenes where I was told about the Gospel by my aunt, co-worker and even one of my Facebook friends who had a blog about the Bible’s message. But my attitude then was “Sorry, not interested.” I even saw salvation being offered at some of the funerals of loved ones I attended. Even though the funeral reminded me that my time was coming, I saw a prideful look on my face as I blew off their offer of salvation, only half listening while fiddling with my cell phone. To make matters worse, I saw myself sitting in various churches during the holidays while my mind was miles away thinking about things that only interested me. Oh, I thought about accepting salvation. But then I thought what would my friends or even my spouse think of me then?

The review was essentially a close-up examination of my heart of hearts and I could see that my heart was full of pride and manifesting thanklessness and even disdain for my Creator while at the same time thinking that I was special and my own personal, god-like “shot-caller.” The case against me was clear and undeniable and it was futile to plead further. God then said, “I gave you the seasons of life from infancy to old age and equipped you with a body whose very workings and reproduction were miraculous. You knew about DNA and how one strand contained not only all the information to make you, but it also contained the plans for the machinery to assemble you. I also gave you a conscience that quietly testified about the reality of Me and gave you a sense of right and wrong. You saw and experienced the immensity and grander of the heavens, those alone, should have humbled you as you realized that you were just merely a speck in space, but they didn’t.

During your life, I taught you the nature of relationships as you experienced love in all of its aspects, from the care of loved ones and the embrace of a child, to the intimacy of marriage and the love for your children. I hoped that you would look up beyond yourself and engage a relationship with your Creator, but, the door to your heart remained closed. Oh, remember that time when your son was in the hospital and you cried out to me to heal him, that you would “straighten up” and serve me? That was as close to Me as you ever came because, despite knowing your heart, I lovingly intervened. Then, you ignored Me. Your heart became hardened to the degree that even while under hospice care, you were still in charge rebuffing those that came to minister the Gospel of Christ to you. So, in light of all this, it brings me absolutely no joy to say, Depart from Me for eternity, you worker of iniquity.”

So here I am, a citizen of Hell. Time does not exist so I don’t know how long it has been since I was judged, could be a few days or a thousand years. There just is no way to tell. It’s dark yet I can sense what is going on. I have a body that is amazingly indestructible in that I can feel physical pain and torment yet, continue living. There is nothing good here. I didn’t understand that being separated from God is separation from anything good, since He is the source of all good things. While there are millions of unfortunate souls here (I can hear their tormented cries) we can’t communicate and l feel so all alone. There are other beings here also, demons and fallen angels. Hideous strong beasts of all sizes who are driven to seek some sort of warped pleasure in tormenting us humans. They have a special hatred for us because we are still fashioned in the image of the God who they hate. They visit us with torment in ways so evil that you wouldn’t believe it if I told you.

So, as you read through my court proceedings, hopefully you won’t make the same choices I made.  I implore you to NOT believe what other (lost) people have told you about God, Jesus or what the Bible says. Investigate for yourself. The Bible is the source of information regarding who God is, His attributes and what He wants from us and His plans for us. If God revealed Himself to you, would you trust Him and accept His method for saving you (from this awful hopeless place) and serve Him? If yes, read the Gospel of John. Pray first to God that He would reveal Himself and the truth as you read through John’s Gospel. Determine for yourself who Jesus is. Believe me, eternity without Him is no joke and if you think you are large and in-charge, consider that about two seconds after you die, your plans, opinions and earthly accomplishments won’t mean anything.

Please think about it.

Eternally Remorseful,

Your friend

Judgment: Revelation 20:12-13

Rebellion: Jeremiah 28:16

Depart: Matthew 7:22-23

Hell – Darkness: Matthew 22:13

Hell – Beasts: Matthew 25:42

Salvation: Romans 10:8-11

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