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Only One Way? That’s Just Not Fair!

A popular notion is that Jesus just can’t be the “only way.” They say, “All religions lead to God.” This is true in a sense because of God’s stated order of things… “as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). So everyone will show-up before God no matter what path you took.But as the scriptures point out, it won’t be a happy time for those who appear at the White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20:11-12) because that judgment will be for those not accepting God’s way of salvation. Believers in Jesus are judged for rewards in a different setting altogether, and not judged for punishment and separation. The punishment for their sins were already atoned for by Jesus; who believers trust-in as their substitute. So, where did all these other religions come from? From people who thought they were smarter than God and had a better way. One of Satan’s many names is Deceiver. So, if there really is a battle between good and evil like the Bible says, it makes sense that there would be a deceptive selection of multiple religions for any free thinkers or “little gods” to choose from. Not that all those other religions were consciously trying to deceive, it was just a way to make a good living. A new heavenly franchise has many perks, like tithe money, power and admiration from their faithful.

Meanwhile, the only true and living God does, His work of creation on display for all living to see. Like the DNA whose densely packed intricate instructions are really mind-blowing. God goes to great pains to instruct mankind of His Holiness and the total bankruptcy of mankind’s attempts at perfect morality. He gave mankind the ten commandants as basic rules for living life and He choose a peculiar people (the Jews) to receive special instructions. For example, the sacrificial system in which God demonstrated how the death of spotless innocent animals could temporarily cover their sins. You can bet that as the blood flowed, the consequences of sin became readily apparent to participants. This elaborate system and the prophet’s foretelling pointed to the time when God’s only Son, Jesus, would come to the earth, live, teach, heal and die at the very hands of those He created. God’s Son invites those with non-rebellious hearts to be adopted into His eternal family through trusting in Jesus as their judgment stand-in. God has told mankind in the scriptures specifically what was going to happen as the generations passed. This foreknowledge, known as prophecy, provides supernatural validation that the information came from God for anyone who really cares enough to look into it. This information was all codified and put into a book, the Bible.

The bottom line is that God is perfect, that is His state. Our state is that we are sinful and thus are not qualified for fellowship with Him. So, His Son came to the earth, lived a perfect (sin free) life and died as a replacement for sinful men and women who willingly choose to acknowledge and accept His gracious offer.

So, what is not fair? The flimsiness of the “not fair” argument is revealed by this: If you had terminal cancer and there was only one treatment that could cure you, would it even enter your mind that it was not fair that there was just one way to be cured? Of course not, that would be ridiculous, you would just be glad that there was “a” cure. What motivates such an absurd stance like this is a heart of someone looking for a loop-hole. They are inferring that there is something askew with God’s redemptive plan. In my view, the only thing askew are the millions of people that are infected with the cancer of sin yet choose to refuse God’s generous offer (John 14:6). Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Acknowledge Him today and accept the salvation He is offering. Do it today while you still can.

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