The Bible, Not Just Another “Holy-Book”

Since I am going to be writing on Biblical topics, I think it is good to show some of the reasons that I cling to the Bible for instruction and guidance in my life.

To most people in our culture (if we even have a culture anymore) the Bible is just another “holy-book,” one of several on the religious buffet table. I would like to present some evidence to show that the Bible is much more than that.

The Bible’s 66 books that are unique

  • Written over 1,600 years
  • Written over 60 generations

66 books, written by more than 40 authors from many walks of life:

  • Moses, an exiled political leader trained in Egypt
  • David and Solomon – Kings
  • Daniel – a Prime Minister
  • Amos – a herdsman
  • Paul – a Rabbi
  • Matthew – a tax collector
  • Peter – a fisherman
  • Luke – a doctor

Written in different places

  • Moses, in the wilderness
  • Jeremiah, in a dungeon
  • Daniel, in a palace and on a hillside
  • Paul, within prison walls
  • Luke, while traveling
  • John while exiled on the Island of Patmos

On three continents

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe

Written in three languages

  • Aramaic
  • Hebrew
  • Greek

Other Unique Attributes:

  • Unique in circulation – world-wide.
  • Unique in translation, complete Bible have been translated into 670 languages.
  • Unique in survival, despite organized attempts to ban and burn, it’s still here.
  • Unique in continuity, – one overall theme – the reconciliation of mankind to God.
  • Unique in its teaching – God is perfectly righteous, man’s not, mankind’s rebellion (sin) must be punished, God comes to earth clothed in flesh, lives a completely sinless life qualifying Him to take the punishment for rebellious mankind. Eternal life for man, is based on trusting God and what He has done to atone (pay for) our sins.

Unique in prophecy – (future telling). Just a few examples:

  • God will send His Servant to atone for mankind’s sins – Isaiah 52:13-15, & 53:1-12, Psalm 22
  • Jewish people would be scattered, Deuteronomy 28:64
  • Jewish people would be regathered, Isaiah 11:11-12
  • Jewish people would become a nation again, Isaiah 6:7 & 8 – Ezekiel 36:34 & 35 This happened in May, 1948.
  • That Jerusalem in the end times, would be a “bother” to the countries surrounding it – Zechariah 12:2.
  • That in the future, selling or buying would require a mark of allegiance. Before computers, who could imagine that this would be possible. But now, we know that it would be possible. – Rev. 13:17

These prophecies are just a few of the hundreds foretold in the Bible. I would think that for anyone honestly looking for an antidote for death, that they would be intrigued enough to look further into it. The Bible is unique, but, this uniqueness by itself doesn’t mean that the Bible is true. But, this uniqueness, coupled with prophecy, archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls (which show that the words have remarkably been unchanged over more than 2,000 years) testify that the Bible is like no other book.

Adding to the above, the power of the Bible’s message to completely change lives for the good, and you can see a book that was supernatural in its making. (read about some changed lives here) Oh, are there any other “holy-books” out there with scores of prophecies that have come true? The answer is no, there is not. With all the worlds “holy books” in one place, there are only two stacks, the Bible alone, and all the others. One of the often parroted questions skeptics ask about the Bible, is whether people consider it to be “infallible,” (incapable of making mistakes or being wrong). Are they kidding? Who really thinks and lives their lives like this? People routinely exercise extreme trust (faith), as they lay their lives on the line when riding in a passenger airplane. But would any of them be compelled to stay grounded if they could be shown an error in the operating instructions? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Most everything that mankind has been involved with, has errors, even the Bible. But, the critical issue is that when it comes to the question of life after death, and the instructions of how to avoid Hell, is the instruction infallible and without error? I believe it is.

The Bible, B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth. It is God’s instruction book for life, now and later, and, I trust it completely. Question? What’s your escape plan?

Note: Most of the bullet points in my abbreviated list, came from the book: “Evidence that Demands a Verdict by: Josh McDowell. The facts behind belief in God’s Plan are called “apologetics.” I highly recommend Josh’s book: A Ready Defense for those who are interested in apologetics.

2 thoughts on “The Bible, Not Just Another “Holy-Book”

  1. It’s my belief that the original texts in Hebrew and Greek are without error, that the errors in the Bible come through the hand of man through the translating of the scriptures into different languages.

    1. Yes, I feel the same way, the Holy Spirit didn’t make mistakes. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the about as original as it gets. I don’t know if there are any scribal errors in it. I am so limited since I don’t speak the language but wow, it was sure powerful to see the Great Scroll of Isaiah when I was in Israel. I couldn’t believe what great condition it was in. My main reason for my observation, was mainly to put the straw-man argument to rest.

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