The Purpose of Life – Like a Lab Experiment

Cancer is a serious plague that kills many, and fearfully threatens most everyone. Scientists around the world are working feverishly, to find either a vaccine for cancer prevention, or, at least a cure. This factitious short story, is about one of these scientists.

Dr. William Speers had the “Midas touch” at the giant bio lab named: Medici. Medici Labs had been very successful in the development of cures (primarily, through the work of Dr. Speers,) for many prevalent diseases, including, Limes and Lupus. But, for the last several years, the good Dr. Speers had been tackling the “mother of all diseases,” cancer.

Although the search for a cure had been difficult, about 6 years ago the “Speer’s Team” experienced a breakthrough. The lab work was an arduous process that involved five thousand Petri dishes, arrayed on shelves in a special climate controlled building. The sterile Petri dishes would be brushed with a special growth medium, then, exposed to a concentrated burst of UV light and stored for a month in the “incubator,” where regularly changing lighting conditions as well as a prescribed atmosphere were maintained. On the day to check the results, a platoon of lab techs would carefully examine each of the thousand dishes through a magnifier, to see if the result they were looking for, had occurred. After viewing, the non-reacting dishes (being of no value) were crushed, then heated in a furnace (bio-sterilized), and taken to a landfill. After many unfruitful test runs, general confidence was low that this would be any kind of a special day, as dish after dish was rejected and tossed in a bin to be crushed. But unexpectedly, in this run, one positive result was found, a green-tinged heart shaped area, with a tiny red dot inside; the indicator that they were looking for. This dish was then given more time and careful attention in a smaller growing chamber, along with several other “control” dishes, to see if the red dot would grow, but instead of getting bigger, something totally unexpected happened. Some, (but not all) of the “control” dishes that were closely adjacent the positive dish, had also developed the positive marker. Dr. Speers pondered why this was happening, and eventually, came to realize that the positive result, now named Bld-1, had reflected some of the light that flooded it back out onto the adjacent dishes, causing the reaction. This was great news!

A sample of Bld-1 was taken and injected into living cancer cells to see what would happen. The result was astounding, the Bld-1 did the trick, shriveling up the cancer like the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz. For months, a celebratory atmosphere pervaded the lab as test in human trials had exactly the same result, the cure rate was found to be, 100%. This fantastic result occurred for every type of cancer it was tried on. Soon, around the world, Bld-1 was hailed as a “miracle Cure.” So, with the original Bld-1 dish safely locked away in the lab’s vault, it was time to make more.

To make enough Bld-1 for therapeutic use, a huge building was constructed that could process 100,000 dishes, and the first batch was underway. With the new load of dishes pampered as before, but now bombarded with the light frequency that was reflected by the original Bld-1, anticipation of giant profits were envisioned by all the shareholders. But, at the end of the incubation, it was not to be, as dish after non-responsive dish, headed to the furnace. Yes, there were dishes with positive results which seemed to appear in clusters, and the technicians soon learned that there was never a red dot without the green tinged heart shape, but sadly, the vast majority of dishes were blank. This made the positive dishes extremely valuable, and they were handled very carefully. When asked why there was such a poor result, Dr. Speers said, “I really don’t know, it’s baffling because all the dishes were prepared just the same, and all of them exposed equally to the “just right” elements, but most did not respond. However, we are thrilled with the ones we are getting, because each one represents a person that is now dying, that will live.”

This story is in essence what is going on here on the earth. The disease of cancer, represents death, (eternal separation from God), and the green tinged heart shape, represents a humble heart, and the red dot is love for God. God’s goal for us is fellowship with Him, and fellowship with God, requires that we be a lot like Him and we are indeed, created like Him in many respects. However, there seems to be a tendency for most “God imaged people” to have real difficulty being humble, and accepting their place in God’s plan. Instead, they think in essence, that they are their own god, even though numerous situations in life, prove that they are not in control. Even impending death does not seem to sway them from their prideful god-self position. Without humility, one cannot truly love, because real love is caring more for someone else, than yourself.

People have the capacity to love God back. Most experience His goodness through life itself, our bodies and environment which wonderfully sustain us. He shines the light of love upon us through loved ones, and sometimes, through complete strangers. Even dog’s (especially Pugs,) seem to be little living demonstrations of unconditional love, love without guile. But sadly, most people do not respond with love back toward God. Instead, they are rebellious toward their Creator and humility fails to germinate in them. So, the result that God is looking for are people who receive God’s love and reflect that love back to Him and to others. Those “reflectors of God’s love” people, are few, so to God, they are exceedingly and eternally valuable. I encourage you, dear reader, to examine yourself, stop “doing life” and start looking at life. Look at God’s Word, the Bible, and understand that we are mere specks in God’s universe and definitely not in control. Know that it is God’s desire for you to humbly acknowledge Him and accept you place in His Great Plan. And what is His Plan? It is for you to be adopted into His eternal family, where only goodness and righteousness dwells. The love part? I believe that as you look into His Word and get to know more about Him and understand the extreme measures He has taken to restore your eternal relationship, you cannot help loving Him with a whole heart. You don’t even have to wait for the benefits. Knowing why you are here, and, why the world is the way it is and where you’re going, gives you great peace even in this tumultuous and sometimes chaotic world… even though you see and understand that your mortal life’s countdown is ticking.

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