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For my first blog entry, it seems fitting for me to write about why I am publishing a blog. I’ve titled my blog, “Not about me…” specifically because this blog is really not about me. If you are interested in who I am and what I’ve been up to, feel free to take a look at my website, Nor, is this blog primarily about politics, although, I am holding the door open just a crack, for an occasional political post. Life is funny, in real life, I’m one that easily looses their audience, sometimes even in mid sentence; I call it, “going invisible.” I fully expect the same thing with my blog, and that is OK. So, while reading my blog, if you hear a bird burst out in chorus, or, perhaps a beam of sunlight becomes noticeable, or, maybe the movement of a cloud catches your attention, it’s OK if you go, I’m used to it. Please though, enjoy the bird’s song and follow the sunbeam outside if the weather allows, and by all means, cloud spy. These things are more insightful than my words could ever be, they are saying, “Look at us with your amazing eyes, how did all these things come about?”

For those still reading, the rest of the title of my blog is: … It’s about Him. Through experiencing life through most of my allotted years and having a real interest in the Bible, studying along with some really great Bible teachers. I believe I have a panoramic understanding of a lot of what God, Our Creator, is doing here on Earth, and, what His Son, Jesus, accomplished. For me, the experience of learning about His plan is sort of like sitting in front of a huge tapestry, whose story telling illustrations, are slowly appearing as more and more threads are being pulled in from behind. As more and more threads are pulled in over years of study, the story has unfolded. The story is His plan, and I think that His plan is knowable, understandable, and makes sense, especially when seen through the lens of our own experiences of life. Oh dear! I’ve lost more readers and this saddens me because, they weren’t called away because of bird-songs, sunbeams or clouds. The disconnect was because of me mentioning “God” and “that man,” “Jesus.” It’s so sad that a majority of people react this way toward the God who gave them mortal life and offers them eternal life with Him, free for the asking.

Nevertheless, for those who are still with me, I will be blogging about what I have learned through direct subjects, occasional allegories, and, just “breaking down” the “plan” details, into digestible bites. I am hopeful that one, or some of you, will connect with these “bites,” and take God up on His gracious offer. To forestall your thinking that I think that “I am really something,” the reality is that, the more I understand about God’s plan, the more aware of my own sinful nature and my desperate need for His salvation, His way. In closing, I hope to post once a week and I will tease you now with some upcoming titles: Made in God’s Image – Risky Business, Eternal Tragedy, Belief in God – The Telltale Heart, and, Heaven, That’s What I’m Talking About. Hope we can connect, Keith.     Photo by <a href=”/photographer/jimpetr-47329″>dimitris petridis</a> from <a href=””>FreeImages</a>

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