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EasyStar Electric RC Airplane

I have been having a lot of fun flying this RC EasyStar airplane. For a pretty minimal investment, it is a surprising amount of fun. Once you have mastered the basics, it is really fun to set up a box at a grassy place as a landing box and try your luck at precision landings. Its more difficult than it looks.
Here is the link which convinced me that the EasyStar was the airplane for me


Where I bought my EasyStar:  When I bought mine, they had a special $30 dollars off so I paid $236.98 for mine. I think they are still a good deal for $30 more.

Hobby Lobby

This site is the EasyStar fan page, lots of good information here:

EasyStar Fan Page

This link is an EasyStar being assembled by a father and daughter. Lots of pictures and a good write-up.

RC Groups.Com

This is NOT a 3 axes airplane. The controls you use are the elevators for up and down (pitch) and the rudder for turning (yaw). This means that the airplane kind of slog's through the air when compared to a 3 axes plane but after all it a trainer. For me, I don't expect to progress much further because this plane is such a lot of fun.