Chico - My Hometown

This album contains photos that I have taken around Chico
ht01  Big Chico Creek in the spring. ht02  Some pretty fall follage. ht03  Sometimes we have great sunsets. ht04
ht05  Looking back toward downtown. ht06  The old Senator Theater. ht07  More of downtown, some construction. ht08  Our wonderful town square park.
ht09  The Bidwell Mansion. ht10  Fall leaves on "The Esplanade." ht11  Bidwell Park One Mile Swimming Area ht12  Big Chico Creek in Bidwell Park.
ht13  Swim Area ht14  Swim Area ht15 ht16  One of my very favorite breakfasts, huevos rancheros.
ht17  Where they make wonderful huevos rancheros. ht18  Table Mtn seasonal falls near Oroville. ht19  Big Chico creek ht20  Big Chico Creek
ht21  One Mile swimming area ht22  Caper Acres ht23 ht24
ht25 ht26 ht27  Big Chico Creek ht28