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Human Kindness in Sight

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Our actions to help fund sight for the blind in Vietnam,
began by watching a series on Netflix.

The series was named the: "Kindness Diaries" (video). Leon Logothetis, a successful stock broker, became a world traveler who recognized that he received a lot of support from the kindness of strangers while on his trips. On this trip around the world shown in these 13 episodes, Leon travels (riding on his bright yellow 1978 motorcycle with sidecar he named, "Kindness One") Leon travels around the world relying entirely on the generosity of others for food, shelter, and gasoline. And along the way on this trip, he unexpectedly gives back to people that have showed him kindness.

In episode 11, Leon is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Providence leads him to an eye surgeon, Dr. Vu Xuan Nguyen, who has performed thosands of cataract surgeries on poor people, for free. The costs are minimal, ranging from $40.00 to $70.00 for the lens, and $20.00 for the medicine. Younger patients require the more expensive lens which is more durable.

Seeing the problem, led to our action

While viewing episode 11, and seeing the recipients of the surgeries, their eye still bandaged, made me feel thankful for both my good eyesight, and, the availability of help with my eyes when it eventually becomes necessary. I decided I wanted "in on the action" to help. So, I contacted Mr. Logothetis and he was kind enough to give me Dr. Vu's email. The good doctor was thankful for my offer and provided me with his Bank of America account where the money could be deposited. I merely went to the bank, gave them a check and the account number, and asked them to verify that this account belonged to Vu Xuan Nguyen. It did.

Dr. Vu said that he would send me a photo of those who benefited by my donation. I told him that that, would be unnecessary since he is quite busy. But, about 4 weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a photo with those who were just about to receive their operation.

What was it that prompted me to respond with help? I just thought of myself being in that situation, how awful it would be to not be able to see. A lot of people in Vietnam work in the fields spending long hours in the damaging uv rays from the sun. I noticed that one of the men having the surgery was only 31. Of course, considering the history of Vietnam, and America's role in prolonging their misery, I thought that I could help in a way that would help balance the scales, if even a tiny bit.

Dispersion Map

Dispersion Map

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I invite you to help, click the button for step by step instructions in a pdf file.

I am using a pdf file to help protect the Doctor's email address from spambots.