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VFI - Who will help me at the Bases?

Each of the bases will normally have 2 people that work to take care of the volunteers. They provide the uniforms and housing, coordinate the work assignments and help with making the weekend arrangements. They speak Hebrew of course and a second language appropriate; to the language of which ever volunteer group is there. Volunteers come to serve from many different countries but, usually, those speaking the same language will be kept together. The Hebrew name for these coordinators is "Madrichot". The Madrichot are regular Army soldiers whose job in the I.D.F. is to coordinate the Volunteers.

My Madrichot at my First Base in N. Israel

An M-16 and Sandals

My Madrichot at my Second Base

Giving us our Assignments

Always Vigilant

Giving us the News

The Madrichot at both bases did a great job coordinating our assignments and making arrangements for our days off. Having volunteers from so many different nations just couldn't be done without them.

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