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VFI - What Will I Eat?

The food varies greatly from base to base. Some bases have very basic food, and some are a step better. The breakfasts tend to be very simple as the photo shows. The noon meal is the largest and usually the best. In Israel, the diet is Mediterranean with lots of vegetables and not a lot of meat. The evening meal tends to be a lot like breakfast. Chocolate milk and pudding, was a treat at one base and practically non-existent on the other base. One base had a coffee machine and the other had a little canteen where one could buy a large bottle of fresh mango juice, mmmm, good.

A couple of happy customers

Lots of Veggies

Breakfasts were generally very simple so by lunch (the main meal) we were hungry.

Buffet style self service.

The food at the second base was wonderful, not all bases have food like this.

We all dined together, soldier and volunteers.

Meals were relaxing times.

Solving the World's problems - again.

In summary, the food was not "fancy" but it was healthy food, and there was plenty of it.


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