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VFI - Were There Other Activities?

Each evening with rare exception, there will be a lecture given usually by the assigned Madrichot, and on occasion, a visiting guest speaker. The lectures were always informative about such subjects as basic Hebrew words, identifying the different ranks within the I.D.F., historical subjects, etc. Lectures on political subjects, security tactics, or religious issues are not allowed. While not guaranteed, Sar El tries to provide some field trips during a regular work day. I was on assignment for a month and went on 3 field trips. We went to Jerusalem, Safad, and Zikhron Ya’aqov, which was the first Jewish settlement.

During my assignment, I participated in an optional weekend tour that was offered. We really saw some great unusual places in Israel, like Acco and Gamla, which is known as the "Massada of the North". The photos I took on this optional tour are near the end of the album.