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VFI - How Long Can I Stay?

From the VFI website: "The standard work commitment we encourage is 3 weeks. Volunteers must begin a work program on Sunday or Monday during the year, (program ends on Thursday), except for the holiday black-out dates." In my case, since it was a long flight from the USA, I wanted to stay a month. So I stayed 3 weeks at one base, and 2 weeks at another.

At my first base, we had several volunteers that were staying for only 2 weeks. You can't believe how quickly their time to leave came, and they were all very sad that there time was up. The next time I volunteer for Sar El, I plan on staying 6 weeks that way, I will stay the full time at a couple of bases.

I understood that my being allowed to stay the for my second base assignment, was dependant on me being a positive and productive on the first base, and that I was one that did not cause any problems. It only makes sense, why would Sar El want to host someone that was causing problems.

Cooling off near the waterfall at Ein Gedi

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem


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