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The Trailer Vent Project

Click photos for a closer view.

8/1/2005, We are having a very hot summer this year with a long stretch of 100+ f degree days. I know how hot it gets inside a black car that has been sitting in the sun and I thought that for the most part, I would rather not have that inside my trailer. So what to do?

I scoured the web for vents and finally ended up on a marine supplies catalog, and saw what I needed. Anything associated with boating is expensive and, "that is just not me". What I needed is a vent that I could control, if wet weather came in, and it had to be inexpensive. I always like to go cheep if the results both look good, and are effective. I don't know how many times that I have been a hardware store looking for something for the trailer or my Harley. It seems like I hardly ever buy hardware for what it was intended for. I was recently trying to find an inexpensive oil cooler for my Harley since I would be pulling the trailer. After a lot of cardboard templates, phone calls and internet time, I gave up and purchased the $160.00 unit. Sometimes, it is best to get the real solution

 This is a close up of one of the vents on the back of the shell. I tightened it down so the vent would always be pointed down.
 This is one of the vents on the side of the shell.
 A closer view, the vent is rotated into the "working" position.
 Same vent only rotated into the off position.
 Close up of the cap and the area I cut out with a hacksaw and files.
 Same cap, different angle. I cut off a lot of the bushing before I glued it in place.
 Here is the outside of the shell just prior to screwing on the vent fitting. I put a little bit of plumbers faucet grease on the "O" Rings to keep them from binding.
 This photo is what is on the inside of the box.
 This is the parts list. Other items not listed, plumbers grease, paint, plastic primer (can be found at places that have auto paint).