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Audio - Accept the Gift

Shoreline Calvary Chapel, London England

Pastor: Antonye Holyde

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Eternal Life - Yours in less than three minutes, just for the asking.

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The Name of Jesus

"A guilty man cannot make himself innocent by doing something nice."

While most man-made religions have long lists of things that their followers must do to obtain salvation, Christianity is different. Salvation is not earned, in fact, it cannot be earned, it is a gift to be received. The work involved to make a person righteous according to God's standard, has already been done by Jesus.

Salvation is indeed a free gift but after accepting the gift of eternal life, how do you think a person should feel toward the Giver? Love? Appreciation? Thankfulness? Obedience? An interest in God's Word, the Bible in order to better understand the heart of God and what He has done for us?

Oh, there are things that Christians should not do but the reason we do, or don't do these things, is because of our love and respect for God. It is just part of the way we love God back. If you think about it, most of the things Christians shouldn't do, have a destructive side to them with consequences that our Heavenly Father would rather we avoid.