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Your free-will, love cannot exist without it

Since you have decided that "there is no God" or, there is no "future judgement," that's OK, that is what having a free will is all about. Because without a free will, love is impossible, and God will not violate your free will and force you love Him.

God could have made us perfect in every way, even that we would love him with every fiber of our being, but then, without a free-will, we would become like programmed robots merely saying, "I love you," because we had to. Without a choice, the robots words of love are soon meaningless, and if we were created the same way, our love for God, and even for each other, would also be meaningless.

However, as you live your life, God, your Creator, is not merely standing idly by as you experience life's various pains and pleasures. He is subtly pursuing you and trying to get you to look beyond yourself to Him. Most likely, if you notice, you will see His guiding hand in the timing and coincidences of your day to day life, or, perhaps, you will find that you have guided yourself to the bottom of some figurative hole with no way out, and the only way you can look, is up towards Him. If you look up, you will find that He still loves you, and He is close by, waiting for you to come home to Him.

God loves you whether or not you love Him back, it does not matter what you do, or, what you have done, He loves you still. Please don't completely close your heart and mind to Him.

In Jeremiah 17:5-10, God breaks it down that in our lives, there are two different doors in life we choose between.

exit door exit door

"One of the unfortunate notions that many people have, is, that if there is an eternal existence, it will be similar to this one with both good and evil things going on.

This notion is completely contrary to what the Bible says. What is says that in the final existence, there will be no mixing of good and evil. That, when God's offer of eternal life with Him is rejected, not only do you loose even the possibility of a relationship with Him, you also loose all of the good things of life that are a reflection of His character.

If you take all of the distilled evil in this world and put it in one place with Satan as your host, it is really not going to be a party scene. You see, because you are created in the image of God, you will be an eternal reminder of God to Satan, and he will have a special hatred for you.

It is my hope and prayer dear reader, that you won't through apathy, detraction or purposeful decision, allow hell to become your final destination. The scripture says that Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart (the real heart of who you are) wanting to be let in.

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