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Truth Quest - God's Fantastic Plan

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God's plan for us is not complex. It is simply that He wants to adopt us into His eternal family (Eph 1:5). A scripture at the end of the Bible reveals God's endgame. Rev 21:1-7, Toward this goal, God created the universe and the earth, and He created mankind with many of His own attributes. For example, attributes like:

  • The ability to be loved, and the need to be loved.
  • The ability to create life and experience a family.
  • The ability to remember things, think and make decisions.
  • The ability to choose between doing good and evil.
  • A physical body so that we can put actions to our choices.

The Importance of Choice - But unlike God, we are in temporary, mechanical-like bodies (think hoses, pumps, filters and wires) contained on the earth (James 4:14), God could have made us perfect in every way, even that we would love Him with every fiber of our being, but then, we would become like programmed robots merely saying, "I love you" because we had to. Without a choice, the robots words are soon meaningless, and if we were created the same way, our love for God and even each other, would also be meaningless.

Our Choice Would be Overwhelmed by God's Supernatural Majesty - God with His awesome power could certainly reveal Himself to us at any time by rolling back the heavens, but at that moment, our ability to choose would be gone. We would all be convinced that there was a God, and would all feel compelled to worship Him, but God desires people that will love Him, even though we don't have to. So here we are isolated on the earth, and exposed to the influences of good and evil, so we could choose between them. God wants to have a people to fellowship with Him forever, but He will not force Himself on anyone.

God first revealed His righteous character through the 10 commandants, (Exodus 20:3-17), the commandants also demonstrated to mankind our righteous imperfections, sort of like when we look ourselves in a mirror. Knowing mankind's shortcomings, God included a sacrificial system which used the blood of innocent animals to cover sins, so that the relationship between God and man could be restored. This substitutionary sacrificial system, was an object lesson or picture that looked ahead to the coming of Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice, providing restoration of our relationship with God for those who put their trust in God's Son, Jesus.

Several prophesies relating to Jesus, and many aspects of His life, were foretold in the Old Testament 700 years before His arrival in Isaiah 53. When Jesus came, He set the righteousness standard even higher than the 10 Commandments, by saying things like if you have lust for another man's wife, you have already committed adultery with her in your heart (Mat 5:28), This showed the true nature of mankind's sinful nature. The very seeds of sin, were deep in the center of a persons being. It also showed that we are helpless to fix the problem ourselves. We needed help, and God knowing this, as planned, sent His only Son, Jesus, who lived a completely sinless life so He could be whipped, spit upon, His beard pulled out, and killed in one of the most painful ways known. All so He could take the punishment for our sins, instead of us.

This turns our salvation from being something we did, to something God has done for us, because He loves us. We just need to accept it and trust. While many, maybe you included, feel that it is not fair that Jesus is the only way. How about if you had a fatal form of cancer? If there was only one cure, would anyone in their right mind complain that there was only one cure? Of course not. Since God has gone through watching His Son abused and suffering on the cross for our benefit, how arrogant would it be to somehow think that we can modify or change God's plan or suggest a more fair way? Many of today's religions attempt to modify God's plan through some self-proclaimed prophet's words. They will not succeed.

        John 3:16-21

GOD'S MOTIVATION? - Read these verses to understand God's purpose in "saving" us.

GOD'S ENDGAME? - This scripture is what God is accomplishing. The adoption of people (who want to be adopted) into His forever family. Revelation 21:3-8


It seems to chaff some people that Jesus is the "only way" but, if they had cancer, would they complain that there was only one cure? Of course not, they would be happy that, THERE WAS A CURE.

God's only Son, Jesus existed with the Father in a place completely free from evil. Jesus was sent by His Father to this world, (where evil was flourishing), knowing that He would be falsely accused, whipped, spit upon and killed in one of the worst ways imaginable; but why? Why would a loving Dad do this to His Son?


The answer is that God is completely just, and sin, (which is rebellion from God's laws), cannot be "shined on" by God, otherwise, God would not be perfectly righteous in judgement.

The punishment for our personal rebellion is complete separation from God for eternity. Since everybody has sinned, and, therefore destined to be separated from God, God did something astonishing. He sent the only one that was completely sinless, and thus qualified, to be the One that could take the punishment for mankind's sins. And our link to this Savior, Jesus, is the link of "faith" (which is the same as "trust"). This step of trust is personal, and an act of our will. Believers in Jesus willingly, lovingly and whole-heartedly, accept God's offer of salvation.

There are many "man-made"solutions to the sin problem, but, there is only one "God approved" solution.

This life is your time of choice. Our choice is to accept or reject the wonderful gift that God sent us. I am talking about a personnel relationship with the God of the universe through trusting in His Son. To rejects Jesus, is to reject the only salvation that God has provided us.

The Apostle John , quotes Jesus in: John 3:16-21. I am hopeful that you will seriously consider accepting Jesus as your Savior, or at least, start a quest to find the True and Living God.

You know, God has a way that He works inside people to bring him to Himself. Have you felt in your heart of hearts the pull of God? Has the truth of His love for you been presented to you time, and time again, during your life in different ways? Was it just a coincidence that you found this website, or, was this another incidence of God knocking at your hearts door? Please accept Jesus as your Savior. There is no need to clean up your life before you come to Him. He wants you just as you are and He will help you with your life's issues.

"I would like to believe, but, I just can't."

Is your heart and mind open to the idea that IF there really is a God, you would not have any problem thanking Him and entering into a loving relationship with Him if only you could be convinced?

If this is you, try this:

Figure out what it would take for you to believe, then, humble yourself and pray to God of the Bible. Tell Him that you would like to believe but you are having a difficult time knowing that He is really there. Ask Him to show you in a way you would understand, that He is real and that He loves you. Then, keep your eyes open and see what happens. I am certain that He will reveal Himself to you. (Jer 29:13)

God Bless You!

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